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      About us

     Enola Chemical Company Ltd. was founded in 1992

    Our address: Aizkraukles Str. 23, Riga, LV1006
      Aim of our work - to supply chemistry laboratories with all necessary. Concept - a "chemistry laboratory" in our understanding is very spacious, it includes the analytical, physical and synthetic chemistry labs as well as biochemistry, microbiology and even laboratories of the clinical diagnostics, because chemical processes take place in all of them. We do not have forgotten schools also - to learn chemistry without laboratory experiments are so boring!

     We offer to the customers chemical and diagnostic reagents, microbial media and microbiological tests, rapid tests for water quality evaluation, materials for restoration works, laboratory glassware and equipment, paper and membrane filters and other products. Besides practical advices and consultations in chemistry are available.


     In more than 20 years our company has become a popular among the specialists  as a supplier of the mentioned products. At present  Enola Chemical Co. delivers laboratory  goods to  more than 800 regular customers and  co-operates with more than 30 foreign partners in EU, US and other countries.

    4 employees are working on regular basis  in our company, the first skills of the practical work acquires students of  Chemical Faculty.

    An annual turnover  was € 200 thousand (2017).

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