How to order and receive our products

 How to order?


The range of chemical reagents and laboratory products we offer is very extensive,

so it is   understandable that it is not possible to store all products in our warehouse. For

customer convenience, we try to provide a durable inventory of the products that are

required so that they can be delivered immediately. In some cases, however, the delivery

time is up to 30-  45 days. Therefore, we encourage customers to be interested in the

necessary products and their availability in good time. Call us (phone +3717372566) or send an email  request ( ).


If you order for the first time:

Send the request by adding a list of chemical reagents or laboratory goods of interest to you in an email or attachment (please specify the desired amount of each product). The more accurate the list will be, the sooner you get our offer and it will be more complete. Do not forget to specify your own coordinates (telephone number, email address) and bank details (for legal persons).

You will soon receive our offer in email (in the form of an  invoice) with indications of delivery time and other essential conditions, if any (limited availability substances, required permissions, etc.).

After matching and approving the offer, we send a proforma invoice with an electronic signature or, if necessary, an original by post. After receiving a payment, we run the order at the specified time.

For permanent customers we offer payment conditions 10 days net invoice date or another term in accordance with the terms of the contract.

If you want to purchase a few products that are permanently in our assortment, you can order on the phone 67372566.


How to receive?

The goods can be received  at our office on the ground  floor Aizkraukles Street 23. Cars can be parked in a free parking lot on Aizkraukles Street while receiving goods.

Bulk orders are issued from storehouse (see picture at Contacts page).

The supply of goods to customers is not usually offered, except in the cases provided for in

the contracts. If the order does not contain dangerous or toxic substances, it is possible to order a delivery with an express mail (for additional price).


How to pay?

You can pay the purchase:

  • with a bank transfer to our accounts:

Swedbank, HABALV22, LV17HABA0001408035816

Luminor Bank, Latvia branch, RIKOLV2X, LV23RIKO0002010014582.

  • by cash or a payment card in our office.
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