Reagents for medicine and microbiology

Nutrient media and additives for microbiology
Medical diagnostic reagents
Veterinary diagnostic reagents and kits

SIFIN, Germany

Nutrient media and additives for microbiology

  • Dehydrated (dry) media, 500 g per package
  • Media additives
  • Ready-to-use media

Bacteriological test-reagents and test-sera

  • Diagnosis of Salmonella (Polyclonal and Monoclonal)
  • Shigella Diagnostics
  • Diagnosis of Yersinia
  • Coli diagnostics
  • Rabies diagnostics
  • Blood-grouping detection reagents and cards

  • Serafol® AB0 Cards
  • Serafol® AB0 + D Cards
  • Blood-grouping reagents
  • Monoclonal antibodies

ERBA LACHEMA, Czech Republic

Medical diagnostic reagents

  • Test strips for urinalysis with visual control PHAN®
  • Test strips for urine analysis with reading mahine
  • Test strips and mahine for blood analysis
  • Clinical biochemistry and hematology reagent kits Bio-La-Test®
  • Imunology reagent kits Imu-La-Test®
  • Microbiology detection systems Micro-La-Test®
  • Microorganism antibiotics sensitivity test Sensi-La-Test®


Veterinary diagnostic reagents and kits

  • ELISA tests for infectious diseases in animals and fish
  • Animal antibody conjugates (also with fluorescent markers)
  • Imunenzymatic and imunofluorescentie tests
  • Diagnostic test strips

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