Enola SIA


Registration No.: 40103049886
VAT reg. No.: LV40103049886
Legal and office address: Aizkraukles Street 23, Riga, LV-1006
Phone: +371 673 72 566
Account No.: LV17HABA0001408035816
Bank: A/S Swedbank

Information requests and orders:
CEO Janis Gibietis, Dr.chem.

How to find us?

The office is located on the 1st floor of the Institute of Materials Mechanics of the University of Latvia, entrance from the corner of Aizkraukle and Dzērbene streets. Parking - Aizkraukles Street.
Public transportation - trolleybus No. 16 (stop Linezers),
by Brivibas gatve  trolleybuses No. 4, 12, 31 and 34,  bus No. 21 (stop Dzērbenes Street)

We invite to the office - to order, sign documents, pay, receive small orders;
to the warehouse - deliver cargo, receive bulk orders (car entry).

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