Laboratory dishes

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Technosklo (Czech Republic)
Chemland (Poland)
VTR Glass (Czech Republic)

1) Glassware made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass

  • beakers
  • tubes,
  • round flasks
  • flat-bottom flasks
  • conical (Erlenmeyer) flasks
  • evaporating dishes,
  • reagent storage bottles with PP caps,
  • condensers for distillation

2) Glassware made of sodium-calcium glass

  • crystallizers,
  • bottles with ground glass stoppers,
  • cylindrical and rectangular vessels,
  • staining glasses for histology
  • slides and cover glasses for microscopy
  • desiccators and their spare parts

3) measuring cups

  • measuring cylinders,
  • measuring flasks,
  • volumetric and graduated pipettes
  • burettes with glass or PTFE stopcocks,
  • auto-fill (Shilling, Pellet) burettes
  • pycnometers

Plastic (polypropylene, PTFE, etc.) labware

Lamaplast (Italy)
Vitlab (Germany)


  • flasks,
  • beakers,
  • measures,
  • pipettes,
  • bottles and jars

Porcelain tableware

Jizerska porcelanka (Czech Republic)

  • glasses and mugs
  • evaporating dishes,
  • crucibles,
  • mortars and pestles,
  • filtering funnels,
  • spoons and spatulas, etc.

Articles of rubber and elastomers

Deutsch & Neumann (Germany)

  • Stoppers,
  • tubing,
  • gaskets,
  • tips and fillers for pipettes, etc.

Filtering equipment and materials

CHM Lab Group (Spain)

  • Paper filters(round, folded, thick)
  • Filter paper in sheets
  • Membrane Filters
  • Syringe Membrane Filters
  • Filtering devices

Dishwashing detergents

RBS (Belgium)

  • Laboratory detergents (dishwasher concentrates for manual washing or dishwashing machines)
  • Phosphate-free detergents
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