Laboratory equipment

In a short report, please provide you with information on the laboratory meters offered by our company. You can get more detailed information from our office, by telephone or by email, and by looking at the websites of our partners, Hanna Instrument, Conrad Electronics, Kern & Sohn,etc. on the Internet (see page "Partners").

Hanna Instruments

Laboratory table, portable and pocket meters

table meters - stationary laboratory-mounted apparatus weighing> 1 kg, powered by an electric grid;
portable meters - portable apparatus with equivalent accuracy to desktops, weight 0.1 - 1 kg, feeding - from elements (AA or AAA type) or power supplies (optional);
pocket meters (testers) - low-format ("pen-size") meters with lower accuracy and reliability than previous ones, low price; very convenient for production process control or environmental studies outside the laboratory.

Mēraparāts  Kabatas (testeris)  Portatīvais  Galda
pH- metri
Konduktometri / TDS-metri *
pNa (sāļuma) metri
Termometri (elektroniskie)
Termoindikatori /kontroleri
pH-indikatori – kontroleri
pH, redoks un jonselektīvie elektrodi
Jonu kolorimetri
Magnētiskie maisītāji
Instrumenti HACCP sistēmām

Conrad Electronics (Germany)

Portable pH meters, electronic thermometers, thermohygrometers, timers, material humidifiers, meteorological apparatus, gas burners, etc.

Kern & Sohn(Germany)

Laboratory, school, portable, commercial and industrial electronic scales, as well as microscopes, refractometers and other optical apparatuses.

SNOL (Lithuania)

Laboratory Electric Ovens (Muffle Furnaces)
Laboratory drying cabinets

Greisinger (Germany)

Electronic thermometers, pH meters, conductometers, material humidity meters, etc.


Sigma- Aldrich (USA)

Apparatus and equipment by laboratory equipment catalog


Scientific Laboratory Supplies (UK)

A wide range of laboratory equipment from the world's leading manufacturers

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