Chemical reagents

Full list of  offered chemicals and its specifications you may reach in our partners websites.

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Chemical reagents for scientific, control and training laboratories

We offer chemical reagents of different purity grades:

  • Practical grade - for technical and household purposes and school labs ("practical grade", "pure", "pure for techn.")
  • Analytical grade - for chemical analysis, "pure for analysis",
  • Special grades (for spectral analysis, chromatography, trace analysis, etc.).
  • Reference substances and reference samples
  • Reagent kits and rapid tests for water analysis and biochemical analysis

⊗ It is possible to order chemical reagents in the original packaging of the manufacturer as well as our re-packaged products in the desired volume packaging. The latter option is in many cases considerably more economical.

Chemical reagents are often dangerous and toxic or may be used for criminal purposes (terrorism, drug production, etc.). Therefore, the sales and usage of chemical reagents are regulated by several laws of the Republic of Latvia, EU regulations and international conventions that restrict the free movement of certain products. If you are interested in purchasing specific substances, please request information in advance by e-mail

Chemical reagents for household use, craftsmen, artists

Classic and modern color pigments, varnishes, waxes, chemicals and tools for restoration (" Kremer-Pigmente ", Germany)

Chemical reagents for craftsmen and home manufacturers:

  • Sodium hydroxide ("sodium alkali") for soap making
  • Reagents for yarn dyeing (etchers, etc.)
  • Reagents for cleaning and treating metal surfaces (mineral acids, sulfamic acid, iron (III) chloride, sodium hexametaphosphate, trilone B, " liver of sulfur", sulfur, potash,  formulations for blackening and patination etc.)
  • Solvents for surface cleaning and degreasing (isopropanol, hexane, ammonia solution, etc.)
  • Solvents for organic glass gluing (dichloroethane, dichloromethane)
  • Household chemicals (acetic acid, citric acid, sodium carbonate ("calcined soda"), sodium hydrogen carbonate ("drinking soda"), etc.)
  • Reagents for classical (analog) photography - for preparation of developers, fixers, toners, etc.
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