About us

Enola Chemical Company was founded in 1992.

The aim of our work is to supply chemical laboratories with everything they need. The term "chemical laboratory" is very broad in our understanding, including analytical, physical and synthetic chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology and even clinical diagnostic laboratories, all of which deal with chemical processes. We have not forgotten the schools - learning chemistry without laboratory experiments is so boring!

We offer our customers chemical and diagnostic reagents, media and microbiological tests, water quality tests, materials for restoration work, laboratory glassware and apparatuses, paper and membrane filters and other products. Besides here you have the opportunity to receive consultations in chemistry.

During these years, the company has become known and recognized as a supplier of these products. At the moment, Enola Ltd. cooperates with more than 800 permanent clients.

The company produces a range of ready-made reagents for medical and analytical laboratories. For several years, we have been successfully working with partners abroad: Merck (Sigma-Aldrich), Thermo Fisher (Alfa Aesar), Honeywell, Hanna Instruments, Kern & Sohn, Technosklo, Scharlab, CHMLab, Kremer Pigment, SIFIN, Industrial Test Systems, Chempur, Chemland, Lamaplast etc., whose products are offered by Enola in Latvia.

The company's annual turnover is € 220 thousand (2022).

From February 2018, Enola is the official distributor of Honeywell Research Chemicals products in Latvia

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